"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you truly are." - Chinese Proverb. 


Hi there, I'm Pete. Thank you for meeting me here. I invite you to explore my many offerings - online programs and courses, gong sound healing recordings, current class schedule, blog and more to support you in living a more authentic and nourishing life. My work as a transformational life coach, energy and sound healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, all come together to support you in cultivating and embodying ease in every aspect of your life. I love sharing practical and simple tools to help people release tension and stress, while feeling more grounded and spacious. Whether on or off the yoga mat, I look forward to meeting, connecting and supporting you in reclaiming the role of the author and authority of your life. Through gentle, yet powerful practices, we'll explore what it means to be more real, to be true and good to yourself in every way. Let's begin. 




Want to break an unwanted habit while learning to meditate and relax with ease? This seasonal 40-day meditation adventure supports you in breaking limiting habit patterns while creating new neural pathways and building a nourishing meditation practice along the way.

EveryDay Imagery

Imagery and visualization are powerful ways to communicate and connect with our brain which has a profound effect on our well-being. This fun and practical self-study online course builds a strong foundation of awareness practices that you can use anytime to enhance all aspects of everyday life. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Join me on the adventure of your life as we embark on a journey together to discover your great story. You will learn practical skills and tools from many traditions to release stress, nourish the heart, calm the mind and ego, cultivate ease and groundedness, and expand into the truth and greatness that you are and always meant to be.

Pete’s gentle, powerful community became my sanctuary.
— Natalie Mislang Mann , Los Angeles