With Ease: Cultivating the Flow of Prosperity and the Ease of Receiving

A powerful 40-day practice to increase the flow and ease of prosperity, creativity and receiving




I invite you to join me for 40+ powerful days of releasing clutter and cultivating a mental and energetic environment where ideas effortlessly flow - a relaxed and inspired state of possibility and potentiality. Athletes call this state as being "in the zone." Through a daily practice of 2 short and active meditations from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, as well as a daily decluttering practice, we'll release blocks and obstacles in the way of what you truly want to create and have and open up to more spaciousness to receive, manifest, and feel more free to take meaningful actions with ease.

With Ease: The Quarterly 40-Day Meditation Adventure - Winter Edition 2018

A journey into deep spaciousness and groundedness, with ease


Join C. Pete Lee on a 40-day meditation adventure as you let go of stress, tightness and tension, while expanding spaciousness and ease in every aspect of your life. Through a daily practice of a soothing and relaxing meditation and a series of nourishing awareness-expanding micro-assignments, you will feel more grounded, balanced, and calm and the benefits will continue to expand beyond the end of the program. This guided adventure is the perfect way to bring more groundedness, coziness and ease through the winter.