Monica Moran

"I can not thank Pete Lee enough for the amazing coaching, guidance and support he has given me in our work together.

In less than one year, I have begun to create an amazing life that is in alignment with my true self thanks to his skills as a coach. He has helped me unlock the magic that was missing in my life for quite a while…


Monica Moran

The Creative Beast


When I first met Pete I was immediately drawn to his energy and presence. "A beautiful soul" just begins to describe him.

Pete possesses a warmth and a depth of insight along with an unflinching fierce commitment to more peace, joy and self love for all. He gently invites his clients into a journey of self discovery and growth using a calming, light hearted and joyful approach.

When working with Pete, you feel seen, known, accepted, cherished and inspired. I feel honored to be able to walk beside this grace-filled teacher, coach and man.

Donna M. Krone, PCC, CPCC

Coming into Pete’s teachings has been an incredibly timely healing and learning experience. It has definitely expanded and deepened my awareness and complemented my existing spiritual practices. Pete’s guidance is so compassionate and generous there truly is a feeling of safety, love, continuing support, and joy at every moment. This guided journey came at exactly the right time for me and I am endlessly grateful to have Pete’s help in manifesting the experience of soul shining from within, and effortless wisdom coming forth.  

Valorie Thomas

Los Angeles

When I think of Pete as my coach, I see myself held in the most peaceful, supportive, calming way. He is strong, yet gentle, powerful, but not overwhelming. Pete has helped me through tough "emotional" times as well as "get it done" times. His compassion has led me to my own success. He is my personal Buddha.

Mary McDonough, Coach, Speaker, Author and Erin Walton from The Waltons

Pete is the best partner as a life coach. I say "partner" because he is collaborative and makes sure the techniques and strategies he offers resonate for you. Like he says in his yoga classes, "nobody is ever wrong" and this comes through in his coaching as well. He is understanding, encouraging and kind, and through the work, he inspires you to do the same with yourself.  

PS - highly recommend his energy healing and sound bath sessions, it's the best gift of self-care out there! 

E. Schavezz

Los Angeles

I was working stressful job near Downtown LA, when I first stepped into Pete Lee’s class through recommendation of a friend. Pete’s gentle, powerful community became my sanctuary, where I felt like I could tap back into my body and soul – escaping the monkey mind that leads to self-doubt and the feeling of helplessness in the world. Pete’s integrity, warmth, kindness and giving nature facilitated necessary changes in my life. He brought me back to me. Through his presence, I have learned that I have the tools I need within me. But, practicing with Pete makes everything much sweeter.

Natalie Mislang Mann 

Los Angeles

This is my weekly sanctuary from life’s stresses. I look forward to Pete's class because it is very healing and restorative. Since I’ve been practicing I am much stronger have much greater range of motion. In upsetting situations I can call on my yoga practice.

Parijat Brahmah-Lyngdoh

Los Angeles

Pete Lee is a hug magnet who effuses kindness and love. His eyes shine and twinkle on account of many things: his depth and dedication to his practice, zest for life, and gentle compassion that immediately makes me and many people who are lucky to be in his company feel at ease. He is also someone who appreciates the sophistication it takes to create simple, good food, which I believe is an insight into his gift and distinction as a teacher: he distills yoga into the essence of what matters most: Love. 

Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

London, UK

Pete is a natural, intuitive healer. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend his gong bath classes. I found the experience to be really beautiful and deeply therapeutic, and left each one feeling balanced and in tune with myself. I see Pete as one of the gentle, blessed souls who has the incredible gift of being able to understand what is needed without words being spoken. He is a gift from life who has been invaluable in my journey of well-being.


London, United Kingdom

I've taken kundalini classes with Pete Lee, a few workshops, and I was lucky enough to be at a yoga retreat where Pete was a special guest/teacher. What a wonderful soul this man has. I love being in his presence. Every time I am in a class with Pete I walk away with that wonderful, relaxed-euphoric feeling. The one that's hard to describe but you feel in your body, and mind. Nice! That's Pete. Such a wonderful teacher.

Pamela Halpern

Los Angeles

It's been 3.5 years since attended one of Pete's classes. I miss them so much as I moved to Georgia. However, I will be relocating back to LA in Oct and I cannot wait to return to Restorative Yoga and Kundalini! 

Pete has a wonderful spirit and always a very welcoming demeanor! We became friends and share our joys of "foodie-ism" excited to return to his classes!‍

Cheryl Elizabeth Taylor


I had the unbelievable pleasure of attending a weekly introductory kundalini workshop for twelve weeks with Pete. I had an interest in learning the basics about kundalini and deepening my existing yoga practice. The twelve weeks were spent in such a transformative space. Never did I imagine the places I would easily explore in my soul. Pete was the gentle, intuitive instructor. He led our group through an unbelievable journey that we will all be forever grateful for. Pete is a light that shines bright wherever he goes. 

Natalie How

Los Angeles

I have been a student of Pete's Kundalini class for nearly 3 years and vividly remember my very first class. I just knew there was something very special and magical about this practice. It was honestly so impactful and such a game changer for me. To this day, I look forward to my weekly gong bath and grounding session with Pete! 

Through the years, I have also benefited from his "With Ease" 40 day workshop where I learned about the power of meditation and imagery. If you haven't experienced this small, intimate group, I would highly recommend it. It is truly transformational.

My teenage daughter suffers from anxiety and also attends Pete's classes. The breathing techniques she's learned has been so beneficial in helping her manage stressful situation. 

Pete's kind spirit and calm disposition is so infectious. He's played such an important role in the peaceful life I enjoy today and I am so grateful to him for my Kundalini practice.

Cari Gilbert 

Los Angeles

I was going to Kundalini twice a week when I decided to try Pete's Friday afternoon class. His soft spoken voice and obvious love of what he does created a surprisingly restorative afternoon. I love how Pete explains that you are never wrong on how you feel and how everyone is on their own path. As a yogi, that is important. He is kind and supportive. To listen to him and be able enjoy his gong playing is a self-soothing experience. 

Brenda A. Bernard 

Los Angeles

My first encounter with Pete Lee happened on YouTube about 7 or 8 years ago. I was alone and very frightened. I was experiencing great stress emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My world was crumbling, as I had just left a teaching career that I enjoyed more than I realized, when I was in it. I had left everything to pursue a new life, a new beginning, a new city, a completely new environment. 

It was in this context that I began searching the internet for yoga classes, frankly, anything that could relieve the terror I was feeling about not having all my usual channels for self expression!!! I was searching for something  that could lead me out of this darkness, and into some source of soul retrieval, or at least retrieve what had felt like the sanity I enjoyed in my classroom kingdom. 

When I found Pete, I had to choose from several yoga practitioners who left demos on a site called Yogis Anonymous. The moment I listened to Pete's video, I knew this is what I needed! It was such a soothing moment to forget my pain, and listen to the soothing vibration of Pete's voice! I loved how safe I felt in following his every instruction. Each instruction assured me that I was ok, that I had nothing to fear. His grounded gentle voice reassured me that all I had to do was breathe and move naturally, relax and find my own center effortlessly. "Just breathe", his voice said, 'there is no right way or wrong way to do this practice, just listen to your body and move naturally, with your own flow. There are no mistakes or wrong way to do this." For a person who was so entranced in fear, this was so calming to my nervous system, a much needed reprieve from all my physical and emotional experiences I was having in that phase of my life.  

Synchronicity knocked on my door soon after. As I was driving home with my daughter one day, she mentioned that she had connected with a yoga teacher she wanted to bring into her community, I was so stunned! I asked, "The Pete Lee from the internet"? She said yes do you know him?" Well eventually I had the wonderful experience of meeting Pete. My love and respect for him has expanded, and is based on the truth he lives in and stands for, and holds for others. He is kind. warm, loving, and compassionate and very skillful at helping other people find their own center, their own essence. He teaches in the most relaxed and soothing way, he embodies everything he is teaching! One of the most comforting things that Pete brings is his embracing of his own humanity and his ability to be a real human being, not pretending to be super human, but holding space for his own vulnerability. Pete embraces his own humanity and is able to help others do the same. When you're with Pete, you feel good about all that you are, without judgment or shame. It's easy to learn from Pete since his energy field gently draws you into yourself, your most precious treasure. Words simply do not capture who Pete is as a person, as a teacher, a friend, and a guiding Light. Experiencing who he is, is a gift from the Universe! I encourage anyone who wants to grow in a safe environment to bless yourself and work with Pete Lee.

Charlene DesRochers

Los Angeles

Every experience with Pete Lee is yummy. His wisdom and compassion shine through and his strength of character cannot be missed. He is fun and he is deep. Pete creates a cozy atmosphere in which you can explore anything as deeply as you want and feel totally safe and well held. He will not let you down.

Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC |