Visualization is a powerful way for us to communicate with our internal body systems. We can ask someone to raise their hands, but we can't ask them to produce saliva or sweat with the same level of ease. However, when we imagine biting into a juicy tart lemon, that image begins to send the signals to the brain to create saliva. Go ahead and give it a try. If you can imagine how visualizing a lemon can communicate to the brain to produce saliva, can you imagine the healing potentials and possibilities of imagery in our daily life? 

Everyday Imagery is a fun and experiential self-study course in learning, practicing and using visualization and imagery in your everyday life. Using color, imagery, breathwork, thoughts, feelings and emotions, this program will expand your awareness and intuition, and will help you to use visualization to release stress and tension, to feel more grounded and centered, and to feel more spacious, expansive and calm. You can overlay all these skills onto your practices to amplify their benefits.