A coaching partnership is a very unique, sacred and powerful alliance that you and I collaboratively design to support you in stepping into and reclaiming the role of the author of your life. Not only will we be working together to craft the life of your dreams while we uncover and dismantle the roadblocks that are in the way of your success, we will also discover your natural talents, and create and implement inspiring action steps and practices toward living your greatest passions and embodying your most real and authentic self. 

I love working with individuals who are open and willing to see, feel, experience and live life as an evolving and unfolding great adventure. Emotions are natural gifts of expression and in our work together, you'll learn to feel and embrace a full range of emotions that will open up more freedom in every aspect of your life. My approach towards coaching and mentoring is integrative, heart-centered and soul-focused yet practical and grounded - incorporating yoga, meditation, energy work, sound, imagery, journaling, and creative practices with spiritual concepts and teachings.

If this resonates with you and you are interested in working together in a coaching/mentoring alliance, please send me a message via the contact page and share with me the following:

1. Your intentions - what would you like to learn, achieve and experience in the coaching relationship and why would you like to work with me specifically?

2. Your background and experience in personal growth and working with a coach.

3. 3-4 best dates and times for us to have a phone conversation.