Join me online, wherever you are in the world for one hour every month as we come together to co-create, cultivate and beam an expansive field of soothing and healing energy to nourish ourselves, to those we love, to the environments and spaces we live, work and play in, and beyond.

Your thoughts and feelings matter and they have a tremendous impact on yourself, the space around you and beyond. Using the power of our breath, our thoughts, intentions, emotions, imagery and more, we'll practice together as we collectively release tension and create spaciousness, while expanding ease and relaxedness. Each month, we'll have a different intention and focus that will have us all feeling more grounded, spacious, inspired and radiant. 

No healing experience is necessary. If you are a healing practitioner, please bring your unique wisdom, skills, tools and practices to add to the resonance of the space. This monthly healing group is open to everyone who would like to be part of a growing and nourishing community of heart and soul-centered individuals who would like to make a positive change in their own health and well-being and beyond.